Hedge & Shrub Maintenance

Tackling hedges that have gotten out of hand can be a real pain. We offer a one off service or regular maintenance to trim hedges down to the clients required size.

Whether it’s a small hedge at your residential property, to a large hedge row that needs to be tractor flailed we cover it all. 

We have various contracts for cutting hedges alone through managing agents, commercial property companies, schools/colleges, hospitals and many more. 

Our machinery is the best available including tractor mounted flails, long handled telescopic hedge shears, hand held shears, chainsaws, wood-chippers and even small electric topiary shears for pruning intricate shapes. 

Our staff are NPTC qualified to use our machinery and have a great sense of pride in their work.

We use a fleet of tipper trucks combined with wood-chippers to tackle even the biggest job. All our waste is recycled back into the environment and can even be used on various flower beds etc. 

We will be happy to provide a free estimate should you need it.