Interior Plant Displays

Interior plant displays enhance your reception and create a pleasant working environment for your staff. We can supply and maintain all kinds of displays to suit the surroundings and your budget.

We have over 30 years experience in our field and have a vast knowledge of which plants suit specific areas. We know which plants will survive indoors and which plants will suit your premises most. Interior plant displays can really boost your image and attract more business. We offer a complete package of providing fresh flowers/plants, watering, maintenance and also providing shrubs and trees to boost the exterior too. 

We can provide plans of works, pots and other sundries that will really make an impression. We have access to a wide range of plants from our commercial wholesaler, these include things you will not find at garden centres etc.


Pruning plants at the correct time can promote better growth and allow optimum flowering, so why not let the professionals take care of this for you? 


Plants and flowers can really add a friendly feel to your workspace not only to your clients but also to your workforce too.  


We offer competitive quotes and a great service. Please contact us if you wish to boost aesthetics.